WYP - SandThe Practice Project is a collection of inspirational interviews on personal practice with superstars from all walks of life.

What do we mean by personal practice?  Personal practice means something different to everyone. Your practice might be your daily yoga or meditation practice, running hills, journaling, cooking, gardening, surfing, early morning tai chi in the park, strumming your ukelele or hiking the Appalachian Trail. Personal practice is that something, or a cocktail of some things, that you do to support yourself to optimally show up for life.

No one else can do your practice for you.

The exploration of personal practice and everything it touches is a potent practice within itself. Ultimately, sharing stories about personal practice has the potential to truly serve us all, supporting us to more fully, deeply and richly experience our lives.

What’s your practice?  What does your practice mean to you?  How does your personal practice support you to rock your optimal life?!