Elise Blaha Cripe

Blaha Cripe, EliseBlogger, Crafter, Mama

Elise Blaha Cripe is a blogger, crafter and professional goal setter. She is not afraid to take on any DIY project and lives in San Diego, California with her husband and baby girl.

My personal practice is…….

Blogging daily about life and sharing creative projects.

How did you discover your practice?

I started keeping a blog when I was 20 – nine years ago! – because I loved reading other blogs and felt like I had something to add to the online conversation.

Why do you practice?

Writing is how I think through my thoughts. It’s also become a big part of my job. I use my blog to highlight what I am working on and share my business adventures.

How frequently and for how long do you practice?

I write daily – sometimes just for 10 minutes, other times for up to three hours.

What’s something that gets in the way of your practice and how to you move through it?

Like anything else, blogging can become a chore. When this happens I think of new topics to write about, introduce a new feature, try posting just photos, explore something completely different (like podcasting!) and I usually find that my interest returns.

What supports you in staying committed to your practice?

It helps me to know that I have readers who are interested in what I have to say. I love getting positive emails from folks who have found inspiration from my writing.

What role does your practice play in your work?

My practice has become my work. My blog is my resume and the glue that holds all my random work projects (online teaching, physical product sales, digital product sales, freelance design) together. Without the blog, I have no steady source of income.

Describe someone you know whose practice inspires you.

I am inspired by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess because they turn out incredibly high quality content frequently and don’t seem afraid to run with new ideas.

A practice I’d like to explore is….

Painting! I am always interested in painting and have been working on it these past few months.

Anything else you’d like to share about practice.

Check out Elise’s beautiful blog here.