Kenny Rackers

Rackers, KennyAmerican Cheese Racer

American Cheese Racer, Kenny Rackers, is on a mission to motivate and inspire one million people to pursue their goals and dreams.  Kenny not only fulfilled his own goal to be the first American to win the Cooper’s Hill Cheese race, he also became the first person to win both the downhill and uphill race!

My personal practice is…….

My personal practice is inspiring and motivating others. My practice is doing my best in everything that I do. My practice is to change the world one person at a time by empowering others to pursue their dreams.

I am currently working on a documentary film titled One In A Million focused on inspiring one million people to pursue their dreams. The One In A Million project is really about encouraging others to pursue whatever they want do or whatever they want to be – right now – by not waiting for tomorrow or the next day. I set out to accomplish the four loftiest goals I could imagine with my film to inspire others. I can proudly say that three of my goals have been checked off and only one remains.

How did you discover your practice?

I discovered my practice by taking a look at my life and this huge bucket list that I have. I decided the time was now and I would not allow any reasons, circumstances, or excuses to hold me back. I decided to focus my time and effort towards my dreams. I took control of my life and committed to pursuing the life I had imagined. I want to empower others to go after their dreams with my practice.

Why do you practice?

My practice is exactly what I want to do with my life. Inspiring, motivating, and encouraging others is what drives me to be my best in everything I do.

What’s something that gets in the way of your practice and how to you move through it?

Distractions, doubt, and negativity get in the way of my practice. I counter this with focus, self-belief, and staying positive. My focus is reinforced by looking at my goals everyday. My belief is remembering why I do what I do – it’s all about inspiring others. I stay positive by acknowledging that life is gift.

What supports you in staying committed to your practice?

My focus towards inspiring others keeps me committed. My continual drive towards improvement of my mind, body, and soul along with my personal accountability keeps me dedicated.

What role does your practice play in your work and life?

My work and my life is my practice.  My documentary film is the biggest and most important project of my life.  My practice means everything to me and I will allow nothing to stop me from completing my goals.

Describe someone you know whose practice inspires you.

Tim Tebow inspires me because of his work ethic, commitment to doing his best, and his desire to help others.  He is gracious, humble, and always positive. Even when so many speak poorly of him and doubt him he turn this negativity into something positive.

A practice I’d like to explore is….

Learning a new language and being totally immersed in a new culture.

Anything else you’d like to share about practice.

“  I am One in a Million, and so are YOU!” – Kenny Rackers, American Cheese Racer

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