Frederic Laloux-squareFrederic Laloux

Experimenting life without a job identity

Frederic Laloux is a man of many projects that he tries to square, not always easily, with his inner knowing that he is meant to live a simple life, spending much time with his family and whenever possible in the silent presence of trees.

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Wigglesworth-squareCindy Wigglesworth

Executive coach, public speaker, author and researcher

Cindy Wigglesworth is the bestselling author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence (2012) and is the creator of the SQ21™ Spiritual Intelligence self-assessment and CEO of Deep Change. Prior to 2000 Cindy worked for ExxonMobil for 20 years in Human Resources management. 

John Mackey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, calls Cindy’s model of SQ “the next frontier in leadership.” 

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Megan Johnson

Blogger, Enthusiasm Enthusiast, Motivator

Megan is the founder of TipsyWriter, a website with tips for productivity, organization, motivation, relationships and overall success.

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Elise Blaha Cripe

Blogger, Crafter, Mama

Elise Blaha Cripe is a blogger, crafter and professional goal setter. She is not afraid to take on any DIY project and lives in San Diego, California with her husband and baby girl.

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Carroll, KevinKevin Carroll

Author, Speaker, Katalyst

Kevin is an author of three highly successful books. Newsweek called Kevin’s first book, Rules of The Red Rubber Ball, “…an adult’s version of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – a pocket-size guide to finding your way in life.”  Check out how Kevin’s practices help him turn creative ideas into reality.

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Schwartzberg, JaneJane Schwartzberg

Wife, mother, daughter and friend, Financial Services Professional, Stage 4 Cancer Fighter

Jane was first diagnosed with breast cancer as a newlywed at age 31. She was declared “cured” 10 years later and soon after was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that is considered treatable but incurable.

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Practice Project

Sarah Von Bargen

Blogger, Writer, Internet Awesome-i-fier

Sarah’s blog Yes and Yes is read daily by 11,000+ people and she’s been featured on Lifehacker, MindBodyGreen, and was named one of Probloggers 15 bloggers to watch in 2013. She helps small businesses make a name for themselves on the internet with her Solution Sessions and super doable interneting advice.

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