Lisa LeitDr. Lisa Leit

Founder & CEO, Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness

Lisa is an aspiring Happy Whole Human dedicated to continual growth and evolution.  She passionately champions the message that relationship health is key to individual and societal well-being.  Her mission is to provide individuals (including herself!) and organizations with a safe, confidential space to relax, reflect, and snap out of self-absorbed and codependent patterns via mindfulness and holistic wellness to overcome obstacles and be more happy, productive, and conscious NOW!

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Julia Lynton-Boelte

Life Coach, Challenger of Badasses

Julia Lynton-Boelte’s coaching inspires clients to discover and reveal their dreams, and to shape their work around their values. She has studied a wide range of topics and works with students, entrepreneurs, software engineers, artists, plumbers, teachers, authors, and people who refuse to be categorized.

Julia has taken an indirect path through life, and by doing so she has learned the continual possibility of reinvention, the rewards of challenging the status quo, and the value of asking for help.

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Johnson, Chris photo -squareDr. Chris Johnson

Master Somatic Leadership Coach, Deep Listener, Teacher

Chris has devoted her life to the deep listening that underpins ‘what matters most’ in people’s lives. For the past ten years she has been committed to extending embodied leadership to innovators whose life purpose is to generate a new future for us all.

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Renee Gregorio

Poet, Master Somatic Coach & Writing Coach

A long-time poet and aikido practitioner who loves the place where language and the body speak to each other, Renée works with people who want to claim new territory in their lives, to step up and into their truest, most powerful expression.

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Blake, AmandaAmanda Blake

Leadership Coach, Teacher & Author, Revolutionary

Amanda Blake has devoted her life to the spread of one simple message: when you learn how to access the intelligence hidden in sensation, you open the door to more meaning, greater courage, deeper connection, and more powerful leadership than you ever thought possible.  She is the author of the forthcoming book Your Body is Your Brain and is full of wisdom that facilitates pragmatic, practical, and profound changes for her clients.

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Crary, Mindy

Mindy Crary, MBA, CFP®

Money Coach at Creative Money, Entrepreneur, Kitty Mama

Mindy left the traditional financial services industry to provide financial coaching to individuals and businesses in her own way, without the sale of products—in fact, she doesn’t sell anything except her advice.  Learn about how her practices enable her to walk her talk.

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Mayfield, SavannahSavannah Mayfield

Life Coach, Massage Therapist and Creative Writer

Savannah Mayfield inspires women to listen deeply to their own inner wisdom and intentionally create more fulfilling and meaningful lives.  How do her own practices allow her to support others in theirs?

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Peter Scott IV

Scott, Peter - Photo

Fearless Fitness Coach, Lifestyle Designer, Adventure Capitalist

Founder and Creator of the 90-Day Fearless Fitness Challenge, Peter Scott IV coaches busy entrepreneurs, who struggle at staying fit and healthy, to commit to daily actions and habits that accelerate the achievement of their fitness goals so that they have the energy, stamina, and clarity of thought to grow their purpose-driven businesses.

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Silverstone, RobertRobert Silverstone

Conscious Business & Leadership Coach, Dad, Passionate to Make a Difference.

Robert Silverstone is a Coach, Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader and Consultant with over 30 years of international business experience. Learn how his practices keep him grounded and present for his clients.

Read Robert’s interview here.


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