Robert Silverstone

Silverstone, RobertConscious Business & Leadership Coach, Dad, Passionate to Make a Difference

Robert Silverstone is Founder and CEO of Silverstone Consulting, Inc., where he provides coaching, consulting and facilitation to Business Owners, CEOs and their teams.

My personal practice is…….

 Daily walk/meditation in nature.

How did you discover your practice?

During a particularly challenging time in my life, more than 20 years ago, I needed something that would calm me and help me find some peace and clarity.  The first time I took a morning walk I felt so much more grounded and centered.

Why do you practice?

It helps me align my thoughts and feelings for the day.  It recharges and centers me.

How frequently and for how long do you practice?

I take at least a three mile walk every day, if possible, sometimes longer.  It usually takes me about 45 minutes.

 What’s something that gets in the way of your practice and how to you move through it?

Making it a daily commitment helps to keep up the practice.  If I miss a day or more due to pressing matters, illness, etc., it requires a bit more effort to get out of the door.  My wife is a great supporter and encourages me too. Once I take the first few steps I’m back in the routine.

What supports you in staying committed to your practice? 

I have small children now and being strong and healthy in body and mind for them is even more of a motivator than ever before.  My wife is an amazing pillar of support for my practice.

What role does your practice play in your work and life?

As a coach, it’s important that my energy is high and my thoughts clear, so I also see my practice as an important way to be of service to my clients.  As an unexpected benefit, I find I sometimes get creative on my walks and often take a voice recorder with me to capture thoughts.

Describe someone you know whose practice inspires you.

A friend of mine practices Kriya Yoga each day for about an hour each day.  They are energization exercises which help to ground and center him.  He is a reiki master and just being around him gives me a great sense of calm and peace which I admire and respect.

A practice I’d like to explore is….

 Deeper meditation.  Silent retreat.

Anything else you’d like to share about practice.

For me, it’s a cleansing process that allows me to release any negative or constricting thoughts and feelings, preparing me to begin the day fresh and clear.

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