David Fogel, M.D.

Co-Founder & CEO, Casey Health Instidavid-fogel-300x217tute

David co-founded the Casey Health Institute a non-profit Integrative healthcare center that is pioneering a 21st century Conscious business and medical model with his wife Ilana Bar-Levav, M.D. with whom he has been collaborating since they met as cadaver partners in medical school.

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Derrick Suwaima Davis

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Seven Time Hoop Dance World Champion, FarmerSuwaima Davis, Derrick photo

Dance has been the defining element of Derrick Suwaima Davis’s (Hopi/Choctaw) life, either as a competitor – he is the only adult, Seven Time Hoop Dance World Champion – or as a Choreographer & Artistic Director and professional dancer.

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Bowley, Flora Photo

Flora Bowley

Artist, Author, Inspirationalist

Flora has inspired thousands of people to “let go, be bold and unfold” as they step more bravely onto their creative paths. She is the author of Brave Intuitive Painting and lives among a vibrant community of artists in Portland, OR.

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Pilar Gerasimo

Founding Editor, Experience Life Magazine; Revolutionaryact.com

Gerasimo, Pilar - Photo

Pilar Gerasimo is a nationally recognized healthy-living expert and the founding editor of Experience Life, a progressive health magazine that reaches more than 3 million people. She is also the author of an award-winning chapbook, “Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act: A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed Up World,” and the creative force behind “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy,” a five-star-rated mobile app that’s had more than 145,000 downloads to date.  Pilar lives on an organic family farm in Wisconsin.

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Blake, Amanda

Amanda Blake

Leadership Coach, Teacher & Author, Revolutionary

Amanda Blake has devoted her life to the spread of one simple message: when you learn how to access the intelligence hidden in sensation, you open the door to more meaning, greater courage, deeper connection, and more powerful leadership than you ever thought possible.

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Bayatmakou, Arash

Arash Bayatmakou

Spinal Cord Injury Recoverer, Odds & Limits Pusher, Neuroplasticity Seeker, Student of Positivity, Healthcare Reform Advocate

After suffering a devastating Spinal Cord Injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down, Arash is dealing with the biggest physical and emotional challenge of his life as he does everything he can to defy the meaning of “disability” and achieve the goal of full recovery from this injury.

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