Bayatmakou, ArashArash Bayatmakou

Spinal Cord Injury Recoverer, Odds & Limits Pusher, Neuroplasticity Seeker, Student of Positivity, Healthcare Reform Advocate

After suffering a devastating Spinal Cord Injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down, Arash is dealing with the biggest physical and emotional challenge of his life as he does everything he can to defy the meaning of “disability” and achieve the goal of full recovery from this injury.

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Cook, Kerry Max Photo FEATUREKerry Max Cook

Dreamsbinspired: Chasing Justice and finding love, hope and forgiveness through understanding in the darkest corner of the world

KERRY MAX COOK was called the most persecuted man in America. He was 20-years old when he was wrongly arrested for the rape and murder of an East Texas woman. He was tried nearly four times – – convicted and sentenced to death twice – – and spent well over two decades on the worst death row in America – – Texas.

But that is not his message and that is not what defines him: Kerry’s message of Dreamsbinspired is about faith in God, the power of forgiveness through understanding, finding our voice, pursuing dreams, compassion for everyone, and no matter what, never giving up

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Rose, Kevin FEATURES

Kevin M. Rose

Brain Cancer Recoverer, Researcher, Conscious Capitalist

When diagnosed with “terminal” brain cancer in February 2013 at the age of 26, Kevin utilized hybrid thinking and his philosophies to analytically develop a plan to combat Glioblastoma – without the assistance of conventional medicine.

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Schwartzberg, JaneJane Schwartzberg

Wife, mother, daughter and friend, Financial Services Professional, Stage 4 Cancer Fighter

Jane was first diagnosed with breast cancer as a newlywed at age 31. She was declared “cured” 10 years later and soon after was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that is considered treatable but incurable.

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